Falmouth High School Soccer


Volunteers Make it Happen

The Falmouth Soccer Boosters rely on the generous contributions of volunteer hours from family members and friends of Falmouth High School Soccer.

We need volunteers throughout the season to work our concessions stand at home games, host team dinners, and help with the end of the season banquets.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved, connect with other soccer families, and support the Falmouth High School teams.

Snack Shack

Families across all three teams (First team, JV, and Varsity) are expected to volunteer at least 2 shifts during the season. If you can do more, we won’t turn you away. There are several nights the boys’ and the girls’ games do not conflict. Feel free to volunteer your time at a girls’ game if that works better for you. Grab a friend and sign-up together or get to know another parent and sign-up on your own.

Team Dinners

These are hosted by parents and usually done for Varsity. JV may also do a few during the season depending on parent interest. First Team tends to do one Team Dinner at the end of the season. If you are rostered on more than one team (swing), you would attend the Varsity dinner (if you play Varsity and JV) or JV (if you play JV and First Team). Parents – we need details so we can add to Team Snap so please make sure to complete all fields. Dinners are held the night before a home game and are directly after practice. More details are on the sign up sheet.

Snack Bags

Organized by parents. These will need to be at school in time for bus departure to away games only (or send with your son). These are for Varsity and JV teams as they usually travel together and have to wait longer as the other team plays their game. Sign ups are organized as follows: one for JV and one for Varsity for each away game. Let’s try to fill all these slots. I know the players really appreciate these after a long day at school.

Sign Up to Voluteer

We will contact you with information about upcoming volunteer opportunities.